Topps Series One Will Include Pujols, Reyes Short Prints

Albert Pujols 2012 Topps card 3312012 Topps Series One Baseball cards will hit store shelves next week and the company is planning to count down to the always-anticipated launch with news about the product each day.  On Monday, they revealed that they were able to crank out cards featuring Albert Pujols and Jose Jose Reyes 2012 Topps card 302Reyes with graphically enhanced images to show them “playing” for their new teams  (Angels and Marlins), but “only a limited quantity could be produced”.

The short printed cards will be numbered 331 and 332—additions to the typical 330-card set.

Both the Pujols (#331) and Reyes (#332) cards will also appear again in Series 2 in full quantities and with updated photography.