Topps Salutes Troops on Football Cards

It’s not easy to follow your favorite team from a war zone, but some of the military’s best fans have done it–and earned their own football cards.

Along with Steve Slaton and Darren McFadden, collectors can find rookie cards of some true heroes in this year’s Topps football card packs.

The sports card maker honored eleven members of the United States Armed Forces who just happen to be big fans of the NFL by putting them on football cards. Dressed in their uniforms, the men and women featured on the cards have their own bios and favorite teams listed on the back.

2008 Topps boxes have been on shelves for awhile, but the soldiers’ presence is just now getting some attention from the mainstream media, including a story that appeared in the New York Times.

“Getting those cards definitely made my day,” said one soldier.

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