Topps Rolls Out Rookie Set with 1952 Design

Topps issues 2006 rookie card set in 1952 Topps design Topps is dusting off the 1952 set design again..this time for a set of rookie cards that almost matches the size of the original.

Topps Rookies Baseball will close out the 2006 card collecting season with a set of first-year players pictured on cards designed to look like the company’s first set from 1952.

All cards in the set will carry the “RC” logo designating them as “official” rookie cards for 2006. There are 310 base cards in the set, and just like in the original ’52 set, card #311 is Mickey Mantle.

Here’s what else you’ll find when the cards hit store shelves the last week of the year:


There is Chrome (#’d to 1952), Refractors (#’d to 552) and Gold
Refractors (#’d to 52).


3 per box. Over 55 Rookies and Vets ink their name on these “Player
Touched” autographed cards. Look for Albert Pujols, David Wright,
A-Rod, Justin Verlander (image attached), Big Papi, Jered Weaver, Joel
Zumaya, Manny Ramirez, Ryan Zimmerman and more. Also includes a SPECIAL
RED INK EDITION parallel #’d to 52.


Featuring actual ticket tubs from a rookie’s Major League debut.
Includes Stephen Drew, Howie Kendrick and Mike Pelfrey. Each is limited
to 10.


Debut Flashbacks(20) – Clemens, Piazza, Ichiro, Maddux and Garciaparra
featured as a rookie on the 1952 design.

Dynamic Duos (15) – Featuring the best of the Rookie Teammates.
Suggested retail price on the Topps Rookies packs is $5 with each pack containing eight cards and each 20-pack box guarantees three autographs.