Topps 2014 Dynasty Baseball Hitting Shelves

Baseball card ‘packs’ carrying only a random autograph or two at a $100 and up price point aren’t a new concept in the hobby.  Leaf and Historic Autographs are Cal Ripken auto patch 2014 Topps Dynastytwo companies who’ve created packaged products that are signature focused.  2014 Topps Dynasty puts Major League Baseball’s trading card partner into the game.

2014 Topps Dynasty Babe Ruth Cut SignatureReleased exclusively to hobby dealers this week, Topps Dynasty is a high-end product (about $300-350 per box) with every pack/box containing an autograph or cut signature card, already encased (yes, just one card per box).  It’s more memorabilia than trading card product, but each is numbered on card to 10 or less.

Topps calls it their “most premium” baseball product ever “featuring the most carefully curated subject list in trading card history”.

Mike Trout 2014 Topps Dynasty patchThe autographed patch cards will include all on card signatures featuring an oversized patch piece, sequentially numbered to 10.  Each will also have a 1/1 parallel.

Topps even produced an instructional video for living players who were asked to sign for the product because of the card stock and the pens used in the process.

Hank Aaron 2014 Topps Dynasty relic autoThe Cut Signature card checklist includes 50 autographs chopped from other sources and used to create 1/1 Ty Cobb Topps Dynasty Cut SignatureDynasty cards.  Topps has secured autographed cuts from some of the greatest players of  all time, including Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Joe DiMaggio, Lou Gehrig, Jackie Robinson, and Roberto Clemente. Sadly, it looks from the company’s preview material as if the Gehrig signature was cut from a one-of-a-kind letter or other document.

Topps showed off several Hank Aaron relic cards in previews leading up to the product’s launch.

Lou Gehrig autographed 2014 Topps Dynasty dual relicAutographed Dual Relic cards will have one all-time great, along with an on-card  autograph and two relic pieces, numbered to 5.

1/1 Cut Signature Dual Relic Legends include  Ruth, Jackie Robinson, Clemente and others with a cut signature and two relic pieces. Numbered 1/1.

You can see what’s available on eBay by clicking here.

Here’s a preliminary checklist:  2014 Topps Dynasty


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