Update: Topps Still Struggling with Storm’s Aftermath

The Topps company continued to deal with the after-affects from Hurricane Sandy on Thursday.  They reached out to collectors via social media in the early evening, indicating that while the plant in Duryea, PA was operating, the corporate offices remained closed.

We have not been cleared to go back into the office yet! I hear the building is flooded. But that is the least of our worries. Hoping all of you and your families are safe and are managing as best you can. For those outside the NYC area, keep us in your thoughts. I walked outside my home (which has not had power since Monday) and it looks like a war zone. The manager of Bowman was evacuated from his home by the National Guard due to severe flooding!

Its times like this, when you are reminded what really matters.

Miss you all, and hopefully we will be back and up and running on Monday!

Topps had  been without power since the storm hit on Monday evening.  Topps’ customer service was unavailable by phone or online.

On Tuesday, flood waters had surrounded the company’s offices at 1 Whitehall Street not far from Battery Park.  Video below shows the South Ferry/Whitehall Street subway stations under water.

City subways remained shut down Wednesday evening and there was gridlock across much of the area as residents and workers in the area took to buses and personal vehicles to get where they needed to go.

“Been challenging few days but team is focused and working hard together to be sure all are safe and business moves forward,” a company representative tweeted late Tuesday.

“Our first priority was ensuring safety of entire team and blessed that while many were impacted all are safe,” Topps’ Mark Sapir wrote in an email to Sports Collectors Daily. “On business side we have certainly been interrupted, but team is strong and resilient like all in NYC and we are working thru it and expect business as usual. We are thankful for what we have and encourage all to help out and do what can to get all back on track .”

Sapir wouldn’t say when things might return to normal but it was clear much work remained to be done in the areas hardest hit by the hurricane that swept ashore Monday.


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