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2011 Topps Gypsy Queen Details

Four guaranteed hits per box are part of the 2011 Topps Gypsy Queen product.

Topps Gypsy Queen Baseball Auto Josh Hamilton Topps Gypsy Queen pays homage to the 1887 tobacco set of the same name with a colorful twist and an array of autograph, insert and memorabilia cards…including a first-ever concept.

The four prized cards in each box will include two autographed cards and two relic cards.

On card autographs of new Topps signee Sandy Koufax are also being featured.

Here’s a look at the details of what collectors can expect when 2011 Topps Gypsy Queen arrives:

Topps Gypsy Queen Baseball Base PujolsBASE CARDS

  • Veterans, Retired Players & Rookies (400 subjects)
  • Short-Printed Variation Cards (50 subjects)

Ichiro stamp 2010 Topps Gypsy Queen


  • State Stamp Parallel (450 subjects): Relic card featuring a state stamp from the city/country of where the player was born sequentially numbered to 10
  • Framed Parallel (450 subjects): sequentially numbered. 1 per Hobby box
  • Gypsy Queen Gold Parallel Relic (100 subjects) are coated with UV and foil stamped “Gypsy Queen”. 1 per pack
  • Framed Printing Plates (450 subjects) Hobby Only


  • Base Minis (400 subjects) 1 per pack
  • Short-Printed (50 subjects) 1:24
  • Mini Variations (100 subjects) found only in the mini box! Hobby Only
  • Gypsy Queen Back (450 subjects) 1:6
  • Black Bordered (450 subjects) 1:12
  • Sepia Tone (450 subjects) sequentially numbered to 99.
  • Leather (450 subjects) sequentially numbered to 10. Hobby Only
  • Printing Plates (550 subjects)  Hobby Only


  • Relic Cards (30 subjects)
  • Framed Mini Relic Cards (30 subjects)
  • Autograph Cards (30 subjects): On-card autographs
  • Framed Autographed Mini Relic Cards (20 subjects) sequentially numbered to 25.
  • Autographed Relic Cards (20 subjects) sequentially numbered to 25.
  • Dual Autographed Relic Cards (10 subjects)sequentially numbered to 15.
  • Triple Autographed Relic Cards (10 subjects)sequentially numbered to 10.
  • Original Art Patch Cards (50 subjects) Original art cards featuring a piece of game-used patch  numbered 1/1. Hobby Only


  • The Great Ones (30 subjects) 1:4

Ø  Mini version will appear 1 per mini box

  • Homerun Heroes (25 subjects) 1:4

Ø  Mini version will appear 1 per mini box

  • Future Stars (20 subjects): Young players  1:4

Ø  Mini version will appear 1 per mini box

  • Gypsy Queens (20 subjects): One per box…look for tarot card, autograph and gemstone versions
  • Insert Card Printing Plates Hobby Only
  • 60th Anniversary Autographed Cards Hobby Only

MINI-BOX Boxloader

  • Mini version of the master box containing:

6 mini parallels, 3 mini inserts and 1 exclusive mini variations

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