Topps Ready for Million Card Giveaway

Topps will officially announce its Million Card Giveaway today…and there’s more than one ’52 Mickey Mantle out there somewhere.

Collectors opening packs of 2010 Topps have no doubt found some of the redemption cards inside.

One in every six packs contains a code you unlock by logging on to a special Topps website. The company is giving away one million cards…the “cards your mother threw out” according to the campaign.

The website,, went live Monday.

Cal Ripken Jr. will be on hand to help kick off the promotion. The New York Times talked with one of the dealers who helped supply the mountains of vintage (and not so vintage) cards that will be available and with Topps’ Warren Friss, who let a few details out of the bag.

Friss says there will be at least three 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle cards available to collectors who happen to unlock them. Read the story…then let us know the cards you’ve pulled by visiting the Sports Collectors Daily Facebook page.