Topps Readies Next UFC Trading Card Issue

2009 Topps UFC Topps’ Ultimate Fighting cards turned out to be a big hit. They’re capitalizing with a new series set for relase this summer.

Topps calls its first ever UFC card release "one of the most successful brand debuts in trading card history". By most accounts, it did turn out to be a smart business move.

UFC fans and collectors have been gobbling them up at card shops, on eBay and through other outlets.

Monday, the company announced its next series of cards would be released on
July 6. The 2009 Topps UFC flagship product will have two autographs and two relics in every hobby box.

The 150 Base card-set features 100 stars, 40 fighters seen for the first time on a Topps card and 10 personalities. There are four full parallels of the base set (16 per box): Gold (1 per pack), Onyx (#’d to 188), Ruby (#’d to 8) and Diamond ( 1 of 1).

Inserts (16 per box) include (25) Photo Finish, (10) Octagon of Honor, (15) Greats of the Game and (25) Bloodlines…paralleled by Onyx, Ruby and Diamond.

Topps will also offer the first 25 of 100 UFC Fight Poster cards.

For Autographs & Relics:

16 Ultimate Foto: On-card autographs from the contestants of Ultimate Fighter # 9.

10 Dual Autographed Fight Mats (#’d to 25)

20 Autographed Ultimate Gear (#’d to 25)

50 Fighters and Personalities Autographs…Red ink versions #’d to 25..including Brock Lesnar.

15 Bloodlines Signatures (#’d to 25)…Image attached

5 Octagon of Honor Autographs (#’d to 25)

32 Fight Mat Relics..with Gold, Onyx, Ruby and Diamond Parallels.

20 Ultimate Gear Relics: Pieces of gloves, shorts, etc. (#’d to 199)

2009 Topps UFC carries a $4.00 SRP for each 8-card pack.

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