Topps Plans Big Giveaway in 2010

Topps will be inserting vintage cards in its 2010 base product.

Topps has been busy lately.

The company, of course, just became the official card of Major League Baseball, giving it the exclusive right to use team images and logos. They’re having some success with their new UFC and WWE cards and planning more football products for this season.

Now, the company’s buyers have been busy stockpiling every card they’ve ever produced. It’s all part of a new buyback giveaway promotion scheduled to take place in the 2010 Topps baseball issues.

In an interview to be published in an upcoming issue of Beckett Monthly, general manager Warren Friss says they’ll insert redemption codes into packs. Collectors can then go online to see which card they’ve won and those cards will then be shipped out.

In a sneak peek of the full length chat, Friss also talked about the exclusive contract with MLB and plans to cut back on the number of sets produced in order to streamline the marketplace.

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