Topps Offering Strasburg Signatures on Winning Cards

On June 8, the day of rookie Stephen Strasburg’s MLB debut, the Topps Company released a special rookie card exclusively available through code cards found in Topps baseball packs.

2010 Topps Million Strasburg rookie cardNow, Topps is offering to have Strasburg sign 300 of those cards at a price of $350.

“We are thrilled to offer baseball fans yet another opportunity to memorialize Stephen’s spectacular MLB debut. This very limited autograph card will be an incredible collectible for years to come”, said Warren Friss, Topps GM. “This is another way we can use our successful online million card giveaway program and get MLB fans even closer to the game”.

In order to purchase this autographed version collectors have to have one of the special Strasburg rookie cards in their collection at

According to the company, code cards that may unlock the Strasburg rookie card can still be found in packs of 2010 Topps Baseball Series 1and 2.  Each autographed card will be sequentially numbered and certified.

The offer is limited to the first 300 people that have the rookie card and purchase the autograph.

Unautographed Strasburg Topps Million cards have been selling in the $300-400 range on eBay.