Topps Museum Ruth Auto Pulled, Set for Auction

The 1/1 Babe Ruth autographed cut signature card from 2014 Topps Museum has been pulled in Pennsylvania and is already on the auction block.

2014 Topps Museum Cut Signature Babe Ruth Collector Greg Gehman bought a pack for $55 at VSM Sports Card Outlet in Lancaster and landed the card.

He’s consigned it to Wheatland Auction Services which is offering it in their monthly auction ending Sunday, August 17.  Gehman had it graded by BGS, which rated the autograph as a 9.  The overall grade of 9.5 could push the card into five figures.  The current high bid is $4,000.

“Greg is one of the best people I know and always gives back in the community, so it couldn’t have gone to a more deserving person,” Wheatland’s Stacey Whisman told WGAL-TV, which aired Gehman’s story on its late newscast Wednesday.

Gehman had come into the shop to pick up some items he’d won in an auction and on the spur of the moment, decided to take a chance on a pack of Museum.

You can see other cards from this issue on eBay here.


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