Topps Hopes to Cash in on Chipz Product

Topps has announced plans for a new disc-shaped baseball product set to debut next spring.  2013 Topps Chipz seems to be more kid-oriented or at least aimed at the budget-minded collector.

Mike Trout Topps ChipzThe pog-like cards will be part of a game and there will be a game board in each $1 foil pack.  Exactly how it’ll be played hasn’t yet been revealed.  Like in its Opening Day set, however, Topps is packing some autograph and relic cards to keep adults interested.

Stephen Strasburg Chipz Gold ParallelPacks will consist of four ‘Chipz’ and will be sold in the retail-oriented “gravity feed’ box of 36.  There will be 50 veterans and rookies in the base set, which has gold parallels (1 in every 3 packs) and silver parallels (1 in every 4 packs).  There will be glow-in-the-dark Chipz in every other pack, magnetic ones in every fourth pack, instant winner Chipz and autograph and relic versions.

Autos will be numbered to 25 and relics to 50.  Topps listed only ten signers for the product so far which could mean the signed Chipz will be hard to come by.  The autograph checklist includes:  David Wright, R.A. Dickey, Mark Trumbo, Dustin Pedroia, Prince Fielder, David Freese, Buster Posey, Sterling Marte, Jose Bautista and Paul Goldschmidt.

Relics will come from:  Jay Bruce, Josh Hamilton, Evan Longoria, Ian Kinsler, Pablo Sandoval, Dan Uggla, Elvis Andrus, Adam Jones, Tony Gwynn and Brooks Robinson.

2013 Topps Chipz are due in stores the last week of May.


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  2. […] Chipz is a product line that Topps has been using in Australia as part of its AFL issues for the last few years.  In January, they announced it would be part of the company’s 2013 NFL line. […]