Topps Holding Contest for Fan to Help ID Bowman Prospects

Topps is looking for a knowledgeable fan/collector to help with its Bowman product line.  The company announced details of a ‘Bowman Scout’ contest on Thursday, in which it offered the opportunity to contribute to the company’s player selection and online efforts.

The job isn’t for your average fan.  Topps is promising to conduct intensive phone interviews with finalists in an effort to weed out pretenders.  In short, they’re looking for someone who knoTopps Bowman Scout contestws as much or more about prospects than they do about the big leaguers.

The two Bowman Scout winners won’t get paid but in addition to getting a national platform to showcase their baseball knowledge, they will write for Topps’ social media platforms and host special interviews rating and evaluating prospects with the company’s Bowman team.  They’ll also get several boxes of Bowman product and their face on a trading card in 2013.

About six weeks from now, a judging panel comprised of Topps’ marketing executives for its Bowman product line will evaluate all eligible entries.  Criteria will include the ability to communicate why you should get the job (30%), you knowledge of baseball and degree of interest in up and coming players (50%) and clarity of expression (20%).

Up to five finalists will then be grilled by phone for about a half hour between November 19 and December 17, after which two winners will be selected.  Runners-up will get a box of 2013 Bowman cards for their trouble.

Apply to be a Bowman Scout at  The deadline to enter is November 15.  If you like, you may supplement your completed entry form by submitting a photo or video showing your know-how, but it is not required.