Topps Has Winner in Attax Franchise

Topps AttaxIf you’ve been ignoring Topps Attax, you might be missing out on one of the most successful new products in the baseball card industry in a long time.

The concept is aimed at kids and combines sports cards with fantasy sports.  Cards are sold in packs like regular issue baseball cards, but the object is to play another ‘collector’ head-to-head.

Topps Attax Tim LincecumCreated by a young Topps employee in England just a couple of years ago, the concept was an instant hit with soccer fans.  Topps then created games for hockey, baseball and even pro wrestling.  Since 2007, the company says over 100 million packs have been sold.

Combining simplicity with some old school tabletop game elements,  Topps Attax is the “obsession” of CEO Michael Eisner, who is in love with the franchise.

Attax will get a big boost on Opening Day as Topps ramps up promotions for this years cards at ballparks across the country.  Even the Wall Street Journal has taken notice, publishing a story in Tuesday’s edition. It reveals just how much of Topps’ business is now owed to Attax.