Topps Golden Giveaway Site Goes Live

Topps launched its newest season-long online promotional game on Wednesday with the opening of its 2012 Golden Giveaway website.  Like its predecessors, the 2010 Million Card Giveaway and the 2011 Diamond Giveaway, collectors can take game cards found in about one of every six packs of 2012 Topps Baseball and redeem them for prizes.  Unlike the last two years, though, those codes won’t unlock vintage cards.

Instead, each code unlocks either a   die-cut baseball card, including a Base Version, a Golden Parallel version or, if you’re really lucky, a special 14K Gold embedded 1/1 card.  More  likely, though, you’ll find “digital gold coins”.  A sort of online currency, they feature 30 team logos, 30 current star players and 30 HOF players and can be collected and redeemed for prizes.  There are no physical versions of the coins.

The die-cut cards include 100 subjects featuring current and retired players in what Topps calls “a special dazzling technology” just like the special Diamond die-cut cards offered in the Diamond Giveaway last year. Unlike the coins, they are actual cards which are sent upon a collector’s request.

Odds indicate that Golden Moments cards are seeded about one in every 15 codes redeemed; gold foil versions are one in 200 and the 14k gold cards will turn up about every 20,000 redemptions.

In addition Topps will also include Gold 1/1 versions of the Topps Series 1 and 2 base set to be unlocked, 330 from Series 1 and 330 from Series 2.

There are three Mantle virtual coin Toppstypes of digital gold coins you can unlock– 30 digital team coins, 30 digital current star player coins and 30 HOF player coins. The more digital gold coins you collect the more prizes you can win. Prizes include a free code, a $10 FREE savings on, a chance for a free Ken Griffey, Jr. or Willie Mays autographed card with replica gold coin embedded into it.

If you unlock 10 unique coins you are automatically entered into a chance to win autographed Ken Griffey, Jr. cards, unlock all 30 of one type coin and automatically win a signed Willie Mays card.   That means you’ll either buy a LOT of product or you’ll be very active trading online–probably both.

The first 100 people to unlock 200 unique coins will automatically win a 1/1 Topps Series 1 card embedded with a 14K piece of gold, the subject of card will be random.

Golden Giveaway codes can be redeemed until January 31, 2013.  Collectors have to take delivery of all cards in their online portfolio before the end of the promotion on March 1st, 2013. Topps says any item remaining in those portfolios after that date will be donated to charity.

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