Topps Gets Buzz on New Concept

Topps’ move to bring some technology to its wax packs has gotten more than a little reaction in that community.

Topps announced Monday that it was partnering with Total Immersion, a tech company that specializes in ‘augmented reality’ products.

Certain Topps cards issued this season will come to life on a computer screen when held up to a web cam. The mini electronic players are supposed to help jazz up the normally less interactive hobby of collecting cards.

Topps’ deal with the Total Immersion dew plenty of reaction, but most of it was in the tech community, which offered mixed reviews.

Said Dan Frommer of Silicon Valley Insider:

"It’s hard to see their relevance growing again — even with cheesy 3-D animations — in an era when kids can get all the baseball stuff they can handle — including real-time stats, video, photos, etc. — on the Web and the MLB app on their iPod touch.

On the other hand, Ben Kuchera of ARS wrote:

Will this be enough to re-ignite interest in baseball cards? It’s possible, and the combination of cards, video games, and the ability to see an animated representation of your favorite player’s stance and playing style could bring fans even closer to the players. Very cool stuff.

The New York Times also offered its take.

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