Topps Five Star Football Plans Unveiled

It’s almost insulting to call Topps Five Star a ‘football card’ product.  The super high end product will play out more like something you’d find in a jewelry store.  Collectors have been clamoring for a high-end product from Topps that includes on-card autographs and it looks like they are getting their wish this time.

Topps Five Star Sam Bradford autoThe hobby-only issue will feature four autographs and one jumbo jersey relic or patch card in each pack, which is really an embossed collector’s tin lined with some sort of velvet.   That’s according to the product information from Topps, which was releTopps Five Star Drew Brees autoased along with some images late last week.  It’s sort of the latest Topps answer to Upper Deck’s Exquisite line.

Each card produced for the product will be numbered to 150 or less.

Limited strictly to rookies, star players and retired legends, the product will include three tins per case.  Each tin will cost dealers around $330.

Each tin will includeTopps Five Sta rFutures Dua lAutograph Laundry Tag Book:

  • One autographed rookie card (150 or less)
  • one autographed rookie patch (100 or less)
  • one autographed veteran/legend autograph patch (60 or less)
  • one auto relic book or dual auto (40 or less)
  • one jumbo jersey relic or patch (50 or less)

Each card will be printed on 154-point card stock.

Collectors will have to wait awhile to see if the product does indeed live up to the estimated $400 per pack cost.  It’s not scheduled for release until late February.