Topps Delivers 1952 Mantle to Winner

Topps recently shipped one of its grand prizes in the 2010 Million Card Giveaway promotion.

As we reported several weeks ago, California collector Mark “Sparky” Davis pulled a winning redemption card from his local shop. It was one of three that a Topps executive had promised were hiding somewhere in packs of the company’s baseball cards.

Davis was understandably pleased when his package arrived.

“It’s a PSA 6 with nice corners and good color,” he told Sports Collectors Daily in an email.  ” I’ts off center like many examples you see on the market, and it has what looks like some friction wear on the left front of the card. Topps sent the card insured and at no cost to me.”

There is no word yet on any other collector pulling a 1952 Topps Mantle redemption.

Davis says he hasn’t been told whether he’ll be part of any Topps’ promotional activities, but he’s going to share it with collectors in his home area.  He and the hobby shop owner will put the card on display for a few hours to give those who may never see one in person a chance to take a gander.

“People in the community still ask me about the card,” he said.  “It’s been fun sharing the story with others, particularly the youngsters.”

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