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Topps Crops Carl Crawford, Adrian Gonzalez for 2011 Cards

Collectors (especially those who follow the Red Sox) will be interested to know that Topps was able to work some last second magic and get Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez into their new Boston uniforms for the upcoming 2011 Topps Series 1.

Carl Crawford 2011 Topps cardBut there’s a catch.

Topps claims that because these were a late add, the cards will be short printed and numbered as variations.

That likely means both players will be pictured in their 2010 uniforms in the cards that most collectors pull.

Topps used its graphics program to make it look like the players were wearing their new uniforms in action photos.

Gonzalez was traded from San Diego in the off-season while Crawford signed a 7-year, $142 million free agent contract with the team last week.

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