Topps Brings Heritage Concept to Minor League Cards

If you loved the wood grain style borders surrounding the likes of Pujols, Halladay and Jeter, Topps is hoping you’ll love them around Harper, Ackley and Watts.  The company revealed Tuesday that it would be launching a 2011 Topps Heritage Bryce Harper 2011 Topps Heritage autoMinor League Edition in mid-September.  It’s the first time Topps has used its Heritage brand to make a minor league set.

In fact, it’s just the second minors product Topps has released under its MiLB license.

Like its daddy, the minor league Heritage cards will include short prints–50 of them in this set.  There will be one in every four packs, making the set a challenge to put together even at a $48 per box dealer cost.  Each box will hold 24 pacBase card 2011 Heritage Aaron Hicksks.

Each box will include two autographed cards and one relic as well as four numbered parallels.

Bryce Harper figures prominently in the promotional packaging, but fewer than 100 Harper autograpClubhouse Collection Bryce Harper Heritage hs will be inserted into the boxes that are distributed across North America and beyond.

Many of the same concepts you see in the regular edition of Heritage will make their way into the minor league issue.

2011 Topps Heritage Minor League Edition Sell Sheet