Topps Announces New Online Game for 2013 Baseball

Topps is creating a new online game for 2013 that will have collectors checking box scores.  The Topps Million Dollar Chase game will debut this winter with the arrival of the company’s 2013 Series One base brand.

Collectors will find one element that hasn’t changed from games it has conducted in recent years:  game cards inserted in its packs as a way to drive sales and bring eyeballs to the web.

2013 Million Dollar Chase Game ToppsIf you’re familiar with Major League Baseball’s Beat the Streak, the concept is essentially the same.  Collectors will ‘unlock’ their codes on a special website to reveal a player.  The idea is to accumulate enough of the codes to build a decent roster of players.  You pick one player each day and if that player gets a hit, your streak continues.  If he doesn’t, you start over.  Anyone who can run their ‘streak’ past Joe DiMaggio’s 56-game total will win $1 million.

It’s not clear how many different players will be available to put into a lineup but you would assume the roster is substantial.  If so, collectors (and dealers) who buy significant amounts of product will have a clear advantage but there is, at least this year, a skill element.

According to Topps, those who put together streaks will earn prizes even if they can’t get to 57.  Prizes in the Million Dollar Chase will include “thousands of autographed cards and coin cards” according to Topps, while those who accumulate the best streaks throughout the season will vie for autographed baseball memorabilia.

The game is the latest in a series of similar pack-to-web games featured by Topps as an added value to its products.  In 2010, they offered the Million Card Giveaway which offered previously released Topps cards as prizes including some 1952 Topps Mickey Mantles.  2011 brought the Diamond Dig while 2012’s promotion was called Topps Golden Giveaway.  Football card packs also offered similar contests.

The move brings up an interesting question.  With a large monetary prize now available, how much will the game cards be worth on the secondary market?  This year’s Golden Giveaway codes are still selling briskly on eBay at around $2 each in quantity (click here to see them) and it wouldn’t be a shock to see next year’s cards going for more.

The Topps Million Dollar Chase cards will first arrive with packs of 2013 Topps Series One Baseball, due out in February.