Top Selling Daytona 500 Items on eBay

The race that wouldn’t start turned into the race that wouldn’t end Monday night.  The Daytona 500 finally got put to bed with a new winner…a day later than normal.   There Dale Earnhardt auto Daytona 500 ticketare plenty of ‘stick and ball’ sports fans who appreciate NASCAR, even when the weather and track clean ups tend to dominate races.  In fact, race fans pony up good money for modern and vintage NASCAR memorabilia, starting with the year’s biggest race.

Some collect cards.  Others go after autographed photos. Many are partial to the die-cast cars and try to get those autographed.

Like the rest of us, though, NASCAR collectors like their icons and their rare and/or historic pieces.

There isn’t a lot of surviving material from NASCAR’s earliest days along the beach and when it does pop up, there’s usually an audience.  Here’s a story tracking the top-selling Daytona 500 memorabilia.