Top Dodger Collection? In Chattanooga, Of Course

He grew up watching them at Brooklyn’s Ebbets Field, but Sal LaRocca is a Tennesseean now, lording over a phenomenal collection of Dodgers memorabilia that spans generations.

The Dodgers know all about him.

Sal LaRocca’s fanaticism for the franchise is well-known in L.A., where the team has called home for fifty years now.

LaRocca’s passion for the team he grew up watching didn’t end when the Bums left Brooklyn. Over the years, he’s acquired what is more than likely the greatest collection of Dodgers memorabilia in the world.

The team’s historian, Mark Langill finally had to see it for himself. He made the trip to Chattanooga and came away in awe.

“After a while, it just doesn’t seem real,” Langill said. “Normally, if you’re in a museum setting, you look at things through a glass case. When you’ve got a 1916 World Series baseball in your hand, and then he hands you one from 1920, it’s like one of those ‘Night at the Museum’ things where all of a sudden Teddy Roosevelt comes to life."

The Chattanooga Times offers up a nice piece on a great collection.