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Top 10 Unopened Pack Prices on eBay

Not all of the unopened packs you see on eBay are authentic, unfortunately.  The market has uninformed collectors willing to buy hook, line and sinker into a shady seller’s flowery description and convincing story.   The market for unopened packs is an interesting one, to say the least.  At the top of the heap, though, some big ticket items do change hands.

Here’s a list of the top ten prices for unopened packs on eBay over the last 90 days:

  1. 1972 Topps football cello box (10/23)  $4,725
  2. Lot of 26 1976-77 Topps rack packs (12/16)  $2,125
  3. 1955 Topps baseball pack GAI 8 (11/14)  $1,800
  4. 1979-80 Topps hockey wax box (10/16)  $1,682
  5. 1969 Topps football rack pack ungraded  (10/25)  $1599
  6. 1969 Topps football rack pack ungraded (10/22)  $1599
  7. 1958 Topps football cello pack PSA 9  (12/11)  $1299
  8. 1979-80 OPC hockey four-pack rack pack   $1,050
  9. 12-card unopened “Christmas” 1952 Topps cards    $1,000
  10. 1987-88 Fleer basketball unopened box   $977

Over 10,600 packs were offered for sale over a recent 90-day period.  37% of those sold for an average price of $28.18.  Ten day auctions did the best, with a 64% sell through rate.

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