TitleRings.com Spotlights Growing Niche For Championship Rings

They were once considered little reminders of a special season.  Nothing more, really.  Something to show friends and family.  A conversation piece to wear during the off-season.  Now, championship rings often reflect the big business that is pro and college sports.  Super Bowl rings are worth thousands of dollars even before the collectible value is factored in because of the amount of diamonds and gold they contain.  NFL championship rings, World Series rings, NBA championship rings and Stanley Cup rings are all one-of-a-kind, usually and even taking out the name inside the ring that makes it unique to that person, there are rarely more than 200 made in all.   It’s part of the draw for collectors.

Sports championship rings for saleA new website has launched that is purely devoted to those title rings from every sport during every era, recognizing the importance of these key pieces of memorabilia and the respective impact in the sports memorabilia scene. TitleRings.com offers a portal to purchasing authentic, replica and salesman’s sample championship rings.

Collectors, investors and fans have the opportunity to gather crucial information on valuable rings from different eras for each individual sport. The site offers insight into what the rings are made of, who receives them and why it’s becoming one of the quickest growing aspects of the sports memorabilia world.   Through a partnership with eBay, links to currently available title rings are prominently displayed.

Newbies often feel the daunting task of finding an authentic championship ring is too overwhelming.  In today’s world, finding a title ring might not be as impossible as in years past. Recipients are placing title rings on the market at a higher rate than ever, making them readily available for public consumption. Some cash-strapped athletes, fresh from college and former pro team office staffers are willing to part ways with the items if the price is right.  After all, not everyone in pro and major college sports is rolling in cash (college athletes take note of the Ohio State scandaHall of Fame ring Robin Robertsl and don’t sell before you leave school!).

Title Rings will show consumers where to find championship rings and also explores the reasons why a particular athlete might opt for putting a ring on the market. The championship ring market is quickly becoming a viable way for athletes to get cash quickly. Will that athlete get fair market value, which rings carry the most weight and are investors potentially buying a crown jewel from the sports memorabilia world? Title Rings.com will provide answers to those tough questions while providing links to the items in question

The website promises to offer insight on the importance of these once rare commodities that are now becoming more and more open for public purchase,  Building a championship ring collection likely won’t be as sports card boxes or programs, but  championship rings can take a special collection devoted to a particular team or player to the next level.