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Tips for Finding Sports Memorabilia at Bargain Prices

There’s a common refrain that’s been around for awhile now.  Something like “all the good stuff has been found”.

stubWe’ve produced numerous stories proving that isn’t true, but admittedly it’s a little more difficult to find items for your collection or your inventory at bargain prices these days.  Some people do know their old baseball cards or World Series programs have value.  Others, though, don’t want to do the research or simply want to sell an estate and all of its contents as quickly as possible.  Those are the times when you can often score a bargain.

Flea markets, garage sales, thrift shops and antique malls are everywhere.  You’ll come up empty more often than not, but search often enough and you’ll find some nice things.

Collector David Seideman, who writes for, has some tips to keep in mind when you engage in the hunt.

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