Tiger’s $250K Irons or…Not?

The price was steep, even if they really were Tiger’s golf clubs.

$250,000 for a set of old irons used to win four major championships?

There were no takers for Steve Mata’s eBay listing, but the clubs he claimed were used by Tiger Woods to win the “Tiger Slam” in 2000-01 have gotten a clubhouse full of publicity.

Woods was asked about the clubs at a news conference prior to this week’s PGA Tour event and quickly denounced them as bogus.  He claims to have every set used in each of his major championships–stored in his garage (where his wife has been known to grab one once in awhile).

Steve Mata, the owner of the Titleist irons, says Tiger apparently doesn’t remember.  He maintains the clubs are the real deal.

USA Today gets more comments from Tiger and the man who owns the clubs.