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Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Sports Bar’s Gretzky Jersey

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The walls of sports bars, when properly accessorized, can be magical.

A vintage baseball here.  An old Mickey Mantle baseball card there.  Signed photos on the wall.  It's like going to a card show except nothing's for sale.

Unfortunately, police in Bismarck, North Dakota say that didn't stop a California man visiting the city from attempting to leave Stadium Sports Bar with an autographed Wayne Gretzky jersey.

Mark Anthony Stevens, 33, was charged Monday with Class C felony theft.

Do police suspect alcohol may have played a role?  Nah.

It's the unfortunate tale of one man least for the moment...felt like the Great One, but failed to make the Great Escape.  Thirsty for more knowledge?  The Bismarck Tribune pours the details.


  1. It is always amazing to walk into a restaurant or sports bar that ends up having some of the most amazing memorabilia displayed on the walls. Sometimes you find some very rare sports memorabilia that you would never of thought would be hanging up in a local bar!

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