Thieves Strike Sports Memorabilia Collections

Bad guys know good stuff when they see it.

Police in Macon, Georgia say a $2,000 reward has been offered in the theft of a large collection of baseball cards, sports memorabilia and comic books.

The items, which included autographed baseballs from Hank Aaron and others, were stolen Aug. 31 from a storage unit. The sports and comic collectables were valued at $200,000.

The Daily News of Phoenix, Arizona reported that as part of a rash of neighborhood break-ins, one couple’s home had been ransacked and a lifetime collection of sports memorabilia stolen. Resident Frank Barna says thieves took a car, their TV sets and his collection.

“All of my sports memorabilia, signed items that I had collected over a 70 year period, were all gone,” Frank said. “We can put our home back together, but I’ll never be able to replace those items.”