There May Finally Be a Reason to Go to an NFL Pre-Season Game

With the lockout testing the patience of their loyal fan base, the NFL has been trying to make amends as the first weekend of pre-season football games approaches.  The league announced Monday that all 32 teams will select 90 fans to receive an autographed jersey from coaches, players and team owners during one of  its exhibition games this month.

Some clubs will select 90 fans to run through the tunnel and on to the field just after the players take the field. The fans will run through the tunnel flanked by players, coaches and club owners. The fans will then be presented autographed jerseys by the players, coaches and club owners.

Other clubs will present their selected fans during a special pregame ceremony. The Green Bay Packers, who kick off the regular season Thursday, Sept. 8, presented 90 fans with the jerseys Saturday during a special practice and scrimmage at Lambeau Field.

“We have the greatest fans in the world,” said NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. “This is an opportunity to recognize the millions of fans for their dedication and passion for the NFL, its teams and players throughout the year.”

The NFL worked with Reebok to create special team jerseys with the player numbers but with nameplate left blank. The players, coaches and club owners will personalize in that space a message to the designated fan.