A 22-year-old man is accused of stealing cards from a dealer at the East Coast National, then pushing down the dealer and 3 others who chased him.

Theft, Violence, Cops in Pursuit at East Coast National

Vincent Tardy

Vincent Tardy/Westchester Police photo

The East Coast National got off to an interesting start Thursday night.  Police say a 22-year-old Staten Island man stole $1,500 worth of baseball cards from a dealer’s table at the Westchester County Convention Center, knocked three men down when trying to escape in his car and was caught a short time later.

Westchester County Police say Vincent Tardy approached a dealer and asked if he was interested in buying some cards.  When the dealer said he wasn’t interested, officers say Tardy grabbed several cards and put them in his pocket.  The dealer tried to get them back and that’s when investigators say Tardy pushed him down and ran out of the hall.

Several people gave chase, according to LoHud.com, but Tardy got physical again and drove off in his red Ford Mustang.

It didn’t take long to find him, though.  LoHud.com has the lowdown from police on what happened next.


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