The Ultimate Trade: Couple Prepares to Sell Card to Land Baby

It’s not a trade, technically.  Todd and Ula Nelkin of Houston are going to sell the rare Barry Sanders/Walter Payton autographed 1999 Donruss Elite Passing the Torch card graded BGS 10.  If successful, they’ll quickly turn that money around in hopes of acquiring…a baby.

Walter Payton Barry Sanders Passing the TorchThe 40-something couple would like a baby of their own but there have been some complications along the way and now, with time running down, this sports card business owner and his wife believe the quickest way to raise the cash needed for in vitro fertilization is to sell the card.

It was Todd’s idea.  He likes the card.  He’d love to be a father even more.

Everyone has assets and for the Nelkins, both big sports fans, their most liquid currency–one that won’t involve a real personal sacrifice–is this card.  They think it could fetch close to the $20,000 that the procedure would cost.  Is it?  A PSA 10 recently sold on eBay for less than $4,000 and a BGS 9.5 went for a little less than that.  BGS 10 versions of modern era cards, however, sometimes do bring huge dollars.

No matter what it brings, the Nelkins are honest about why they’re doing it.  They’re also open to adoption if they can’t have a child of their own, but for now, they’re hoping they can make it happen, according to this very interesting story in the Houston Chronicle.  The card isn’t yet on eBay.


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