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The Ultimate Baseball Memorabilia Collector

He’s ‘Mr. Minnesota Twins’ and the 6,000+ items in his third floor baseball hangout are proof enough.

Clyde Doepner of St. Paul, Minnesota has been a Twins fan since day one of the franchise. He’s been a collector just as long.

The history teacher/baseball fan has put together a phenomenal collection of Twins memorabilia, including game-worn uniforms, one-of-a-kind bobbleheads, countless autographs and other unique pieces.

He’s well known to the Twins organization, which has utilized his collection for team events and there’s a good chance it will be his collection that makes up a good chunk of the exhibits inside a team museum that’s being planned for the inside the new Twins stadium, set to open next season.

Right now, it’s all stored on the third floor of his century-old home and we’ve got the nickel tour below:

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