The Traffic Jam You Want to be in

Key to your store’s success?  Location, location, location.

Key to your website’s success?  Content, content, content. 

I’m not sure how much sports memorabilia was purchased via the internet over the holidays, but I’m guessing most sites have seen a fairly large jump in e-sales over the last few years. More people are doing their shopping on-line. Just as in the ‘real world’, though, there is plenty of competition.

Do a Google or Yahoo search for "sports memorabilia" or "baseball cards" and you’ll call up dozens of sites selling autographed items, jerseys or wax boxes. There’s a bigger audience of potential customers but also a lot more competition than at your standard card show.

So…if you’ve got an on-line store or even just a heavy dose of eBay listings, how do you stand out? Time and again, web search gurus will tell you the key–beyond the obvious of hosting a well-designed, updated storefront– is content.

Why should the search engines rank your site higher than someone else’s? The answer is…What knowledge can you offer? If you can provide a tangible benefit other than just your inventory, you’ve got a jump on the other guy. Can you provide a few tips for collectors? Hints for framing nice display pieces?

If you’re willing to share some insight and update your site regularly with a little copy, chances are you might stand out. You’ll also impress customers, some of whom may not be very savvy when it comes to memorabilia. Convince them you know what you’re doing and will take the time to help via your site will set you apart. (If you run eBay listings only, try writing a blog. It’s free and eBay will host it. You can also write a review or guide that will enhance your reputation).

SportsCollectorsDaily isn’t an e-commerce site. We’re not selling anything. Our site ranks quite highly with search engines because they see us as providing a service through our news stories and when most people use search engines, that’s what they’re after. Information.

One easy way of incorporating content into your site without having to do much work is to consider adding our RSS feed to your site. It’s free…and it gives your site tremendous power as a resource, rather than just a store. Drop me a note if you’d like to carry SC Daily’s headlines.