The Price of (The Hall of) Fame

Becoming a Baseball Hall of Famer means never having to worry about money again.

It takes only a quick glance at prices for former athletes signing autographs at card shows.

Good player? $15 or $20 each.

Hall of Famer? $50 and up…with an emphasis on the "up".

Getting a call from the president of the Baseball Writers Association saying you’ve punched your ticket to a plaque in Cooperstown is an emotional experience for many players who’ve had to wait a few years. It’s also a ticket to a post-career life of fame and fortune.

Rickey Henderson and Jim Rice join the club this weekend, and it’s safe to say both are already enjoying the spoils.

How much to former players covet a spot in the Hall? An eye-opening article in the Wall Street Journal includes terms like "lobbying". And it’s little wonder when the game’s shrine is such a cash cow.