The Mysterious Life of Johnny Broacca

He played with some of the all-time greatest Yankees, a promising pitcher who earned praise from someone who rarely gave it out.

Johnny Broaca was a pitching phenom with a great story.

Smart enough to earn a scholarship to Yale in the early 1930s.  Drafted by the Yankees even before he left school.  A quick rise to the majors and a chance to share the lockerroom with the likes of Gehrig and Dickey.

He’d earn a World Series ring with the Yanks in 1936.  That was about the only baseball related possession he left behind when he died 25 years ago.

Broaca was a recluse as many collectors discovered when they tried to send a self-addressed, stamped envelope with a card or photo in hopes of getting an autograph.

Broaca’s exit from baseball–and much of his turbulent life were a mystery.  They still are, according to a captivating story  in the Lawrence, MA Eagle-Tribune.