The Million Dollar Hockey Puck?

There may have been no greater hockey event than the 1972 USSR-Canada series. It preceded the "Miracle on Ice" by eight years…an 8-game tournament pitting the powerful Soviet team against Canada. The puck from the storybook final game is in a safe place say the players who know its whereabouts…but they’re not tipping their hand about what will become of it.

It’s the Canadian equivalent of the puck from the 1980 USA-USSR Olympic hockey game. Many who know hockey well say Team Canada’s win was even bigger for what it represented.

The puck from the eighth and final game–won by the scrappy Canadians–was retrieved by a player known to appreciate hockey memorabilia even then. Its whereabouts are a bit of a mystery, though.

If it ever reaches the auction block, it could sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars–if not more.