The Flipper: Collecting Takes Twists, Turns for Ohio Man

He’s part of a one-income household right now but Jim Thayer still finds time to make some fairly large deals.  The Howard, Ohio collector has been into the hobby since he was a youngster but the cards he’s dealing in these days generally run more expensive.

HeilmanHe’s trying to put together a collection of cards showcasing members of the Baseball Hall of Fame.  That’s an easy task when it comes to some players but not quite as simple with others.

How he’s doing it is the interesting part.

Thayer is always on the lookout for a good deal.  Not one to get emotionally attached to every card, he’s been known to flip them for a profit that either helps buy more cards or pays a bill or two.  It’s one way of seeing a lot of different cards up close.

It’s the history of the players from long ago that keeps it fun.

Bob D’Angelo caught up with Thayer for his Sports Bookie column on Tampa Bay Online.


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