The David Wells Collection: Ruth, Aaron, Bonds Ball

It worked out well for David Wells. Barry Bonds was in San Diego and the Padres’ pitcher already had a ball signed by Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron. Does he now have the only ball signed ball all three?

He owns a Babe Ruth game-worn cap, one he got into some trouble for wearing during a game a couple of years ago. It’s safe to call left-hander David Wells a bit of a collector.

He also has an old, yellowing baseball that he bought awhile back for $7,000 containing a Babe Ruth signature scrawled across the sweet spot. Later, he got Hank Aaron to sign the ball when the Padres made a road trip to Atlanta. Sunday, he added the name of Barry Bonds to the ball, giving him the signatures of the three leading home run hitters on one baseball.

"Barry was very nice about it," Wells said after the game, showing off the ball sealed in a soft plastic case at his locker. "We had a long conversation."

Known for being a bit unpredictable when it comes to autographs, Wells said Bonds grinned when he saw the other two prominent signatures.

Bonds also gave a signed bat to Padres right-hander Clay Hensley, who gave up the homer Saturday that pulled him into the tie with Aaron. The gesture came just in time for Hensley who was optioned to the minors before Sunday’s game.

"It was a nice gesture," Hensley said about the bat. "I appreciate that."