Texas Stadium Seat Sale Set

They’re not quite done using it yet, but the Dallas Cowboys will partner with a company to handle the sale of seat pairs from Texas Stadium.

The Dallas Cowboys made a memorabilia deal with Steiner Sports earlier this summer. Now, the club has its partner in place for the sale and distribution of the seats from the soon-to-be vacant Texas Stadium. The facility has served as the team’s homefield since the early 1970s.

The Cowboys have hired S&S Seating to remove and distribute the seats. S&S says Texas Stadium seat pairs will be sold to fans and collectors starting this Friday.

The Florida-based company will begin removing the seats in the days following the last home game of the 2008 NFL season, playoff game(s) included. S&S Seating will ship out the pre-sold seat pairs 30-60 days after the last home game. All seats will leave the stadium unrestored in ‘as is’ condition.

“Cowboys fans have a unique opportunity to own a piece of history,” said Dale Sprinkle, President of S&S Seating. “We are thrilled to partner with the Dallas Cowboy organization on this stadium seat project, and are honored to provide our expertise to ensure each seat pair is professionally removed and shipped.”

S&S recently acquired the contract to remove, refurbish and ship the seats currently in use at New York’s Shea Stadium once the baseball season is over and the Mets begin the process of vacating the ballpark.

Update 9/8/2012:

You can buy Texas Stadium seats and memorabilia on eBay now.