Texas Stadium Sale Rakes in $293,401

Texas Stadium Auction Lockers, nameplates, signs, autographed items…even the door to the cheerleaders’ lockerroom. Fans and collectors lined up to bid on just about everything from in and around the soon-to-be-vacant home of the Dallas Cowboys.

The season isn’t over but Texas Stadium’s days are numbered and the future of its fixtures and memorabilia is in homes from coast-to-coast and beyond.

Bidders from Mexico, Alaska, Hawaii and even a soldier stationed in Iraq participated as the Cowboys auctioned the stadium piece-by-piece on Saturday. Total sales, including a 15% buyer’s premium attached to each item, were $293,401.10.

The most popular items proved to be the famous stars lining the stadium’s interior walls. Dallas Cowboys stars sold for big $ in the Texas Stadium auction Dozens were sold, generally at $800-$1400 each. "If there were more I could have sold those as well," Dan Rosenthal, Chief Operating Officer of St. Louis-based Schneider Industries, told Sports Collectors Daily.

Schneider, which oversaw the sales of memorabilia from Tiger Stadium and Busch Stadium, was awarded the contract to auction the goods from the facility that has served as the Cowboys’ home since the early 1970s. The team still has two home games to play in Irving this season and the stadium memorabilia will then be prepared for shipment to the winners of the auction or in the case of larger items, held for pick-up. Dallas moves into a new football home next year.

Among the other items snapped up by fans and collectors were lockers used by current and former players. Marion Barber’s locker, once used by Roger Staubach and Troy Aikman, brought $6325. Other lockers sold included one used by the team’s current quarterback, Tony Romo ($3450), star receiver Terrell Owens ($2300) and others utilized by defensive standouts Zach Thomas, DeMarcus Ware and Terrence Newman ($1150 each). Romo’s locker nameplate sold for $1265 while a complete collection of nameplates removed after a game with the Eagles in September, sold for $3565.

The door to the Cowboys cheerleaders’ locker room brought $5807, while numerous turnstiles sold for around $400-500 each.

Framed lithographs of past greats hung in various areas of the stadium included two featuring Staubach, one of which brought $1610 and another that sold for $1236. Two stars from the carpet of the team’s locker room went for an average of about $1150 while two large arches from the entrances to the stadium, sold for $4255 and $2415 each.

The largest bid was for a motorized utility cart, festooned with a Cowboys helmet. it sold for $14,375 including the buyer’s fee.