Texas Collectors Stick with Hobby

One is the last sports card shop standing in Beaumont.

Another plays the new pack lottery.

Another opts for signed memorabilia.

It’s probably a pretty good cross-section of sports memorabilia collectors in the rest of the country.  All of them were interviewed by the local newspaper about their favorite hobby.  

Richard Tyner, a former high school coach, has managed to keep his small shop in business by not relying on it for his entire income.  He’s seen some collectors come and go but remains positive about sales in 2010.

Clayton Walker is having to sell some of his memorabilia collection to pay bills and lost some of it to a hurricane, but he still feels good about the years he’s spent putting it all together.

Kevin Moore likes the pricey packs in hopes of landing something great.  

The Beaumont Enterprise shakes down the plusses and minuses of the hobby’s recent history through the eyes of some local collectors with this story.