Teenage Collector Hangs with Maurice Jones-Drew

A Jacksonville, Florida high schooler was the big winner in the NFL Player of the Day promotion. Sunday, he got to visit with one of the NFL’s young stars, grab a limo ride with his friends to his local sports card shop and snare some autographs. But first he had to clean his room.

A.J. Andruszkiewicz is taller than Jacksonville Jaguars’ running back Maurice Jones-Drew. But he was still in awe of the lightning-quick rookie from UCLA when the limo pulled up outside his house on Sunday.

A.J. was the national grand prize winner in the trading card industry’s "NFL Player of the Day" promotion. Over 600 hobby shops participated in the promotion

He got to show off his collection…and add a few things to it courtesy of a $250 shopping spree and an autograph session at the hobby shop.