Tebow: Winning Games=Winning Bids

You may be a believer.  You may be a skeptic.  But you can’t deny that Tim Tebow is 7-1 as a starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos.  You also can’t deny his impact on the hobby.  The former Heisman Trophy winner is getting his shot to play and all that winning is keeping buyers and sellers of current era football cards busy.   The difference in sales of Tebow rookie cards since he took over as the Broncos’ starter compared to the early part of the season is staggering.  Consider these numbers:

Tim Tebow rookie card 2010 ExquisiteFrom August 8 to October 8, when Kyle Orton was still under center, 1,498 Tebow rookie cards sold on eBay.  From October 9, the day he replaced Orton at halftime and nearly led the Broncos to a miraculous comeback victory, until Thursday of last week, 4,156 Tebow listings found a buyer.

Total sales of Tebow cards?  $22,322 in the early part of the season.  $82,825 during the last two months.  That’s over $60,000 more put into the secondary market in a matter of weeks.

Those who are selling Tebow rookie cards are seeing them sell at a 58.4% clip since the Tebow era began.  That’s nearly ten Tim Tebow 2010 Playoff Contenders autographpercent higher than the previous two months.  Those selling on a Sunday, when the deeply religious Tebow was working his magic, saw their card sell nearly 62% of the time, a much higher rate than the average eBay sports card listing.

The average price for all cards, including the unsigned versions, jumped from $14.90 to $19.93.  Bids per listing jumped from 2.05 to 2.53.

High end Tebow rookies are being sold  for more than double what they were in the summer.  Among the hottest Tebow rookie cards have been the 2010 Exquisite Rookie auto patches.  Several have sold in the $500-600 range in the last ten days.  Two of his 2010 Playoff Contenders autograph cards sold Sunday night for $132 and $143 while highly graded copies have been selling for more than $200 each.