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Tebow Autographs Selling Like Hotcakes for Fla. Company

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He’s smoking hot on eBay.  Now, a company with the exclusive rights to hold private and public signings with the NFL’s hottest player says it can barely keep up with orders for Tim Tebow autographs.  His merits as a long term NFL quarterback are still being debated, but there’s no doubt the former Heisman Trophy winner has plenty of believers–and those who just like what he stands for.

Palm Beach Autographs signed Tebow to an autograph and public appearance deal just after he completed his college eligibility.  In late October, just about the time he took over for Kyle Orton as the new starting quarterback of the Denver Broncos, the two sides agreed to extend the contract.

It’s been a smart move for the brothers who own the company and for Tebow, who donates a portion of the proceeds to his foundation.

Some of the autographs have made their way to other big time sellers like and Legends of the Field.

Tebow just completed another signing session and prices now start at $250.  Too much?

Apparently not for his fans.  Read more from CNBC’s Darren Rovell.