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Tanaka Remains Perfect; Plenty of Cards for Japanese Sensation

Like all rookie phenoms, the hottest Masahiro Tanaka cards are generating a lot of demand. Unlike most rookie phenoms, there are a lot of Tanaka cards out there already.

Masahiro Tanaka rookie cardThe Yankees’ most recent free agent acquisition arrived in New York with much fanfare – as big ticket free agents arriving in New York typically do – but despite all the hype that comes along with absolutely dominating Japanese baseball in 2013 (24-0, 1.27 ERA) Tanaka has been up to the task.

He hasn’t lost in 40 regular season starts after jumping out to a 5-0 start in New York. He has a 2.57 ERA, 58 strikeouts and just seven walks.

2009 Bowman Chrome Tanaka WBC

Because he became a pro in 2007, and because of his participation in the World Baseball Classic, Tanaka cards are as plentiful as Tanaka strikeouts, although many of them originate in the Far East.  Japanese trading card company BBM, which according to the website Japanese Baseball Cards produced an unbelievable 50 sets in 2013, have issued a litany of different Tanaka cards since ’07 – many of which can be had for anywhere from just a few dollars to $50. You can see examples of those here, here and here.

Tanaka has yet to sign an autograph deal with an American manufacturer, however, which tends to keep prices somewhat in check for what’s out there.

BBM Tanaka 2007 rookie cardAmong the many 2007 options, there are a couple of key rookie cards that are more expensive but still not likely to break the bank. Ungraded examples of BBM’s 1st Version and BBM’s Rookie Edition cards will run anywhere from $15-$60. Higher-end autographed rookies will cost considerably more. A signed 2007 BBM Rookie Edition numbered to 70 currently on eBay has a $9,995 asking price.   BBM also issued a Tanaka jersey card in its Rookie Edition issue in relatively plentiful numbers, although none are listed for sale or auction currently online.

Another company, Calbee, primarily sells potato chips and shrimp crackers but also dabbles in baseball cards. Tanaka’s 2007 Calbee rookie sells for right around $10. By the way, who else misses finding baseball cards in cereal boxes and on the back of macaroni here in the states? Me too.

Tektonics TanakaTanaka’s first American issue came in 2008 Bowman Sterling and it’s a tough redemption card that was numbered to just 65. There’s a live issue of this good looking WBC jersey patch card on eBay right now that carries a $900 asking price. Best offers have been accepted on three other examples of this card in recent months ranging from $400-$1,000.

Tanaka’s first affordable American issue was released the following year. 2009 Bowman Chrome’s WBC Prospects set can be yours depending on how much you’re willing to dole out on low-numbered parallels. They run anywhere from $5 to $610 for a red refractor numbered to 5.

Cards of Tanaka rocking the Red and Gold of the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles or WBC garb are plentiful, cards of him in pinstripes are tougher to come by.

Tanaka reverse negative Gypsy QueenThere are several versions of Tanaka’s 2014 Gypsy Queen, including a reversed negative card, one of which recently sold for $80. Gypsy Queen also contains the requisite printing plates, minis, and other parallels of all prices.

The same can be said for Tanaka’s 2014 Bowman issue, which has numerous parallels, somelike this 1-of-1 mini super Purple Ice Tanakarefractor didn’t get the $10 grand the seller was looking for.This Red Ice parallel numbered to 25 fetched $1,000 while this Purple Ice numbered to 10 brought $800.

The only other mainstream Tanaka issue out there so far in 2014 comes from Donruss. In order to receive the card, however, collectors must send in 24 empty 2014 Donruss packs to receive a three-card pack that will contain Tanaka, Jose Abreu and Royals rookie pitcher Yordano Ventura. Or, if you prefer, you can buy the card on eBay for $8-$12. There is also a variation of this card which has Japanese script. That card appears to be considerably rarer. One recently sold for just over $60.

Topps Series 2 hits shelves in June while Allen & Ginter is released in July and as Tanaka continues to mow down hitters, it stands to reason that he’ll be featured prominently in these and other upcoming Topps issues.  He’ll have memorabilia cards in these products:

Tier One

Allen & Ginter

Bowman Platinum

Triple Threads

Topps Updates

Five Star

Check out the ‘most watched’ Tanaka cards on eBay below.

Masahiro Tanaka 2014 Topps Finest Baseball Atomic Refractor Rookie 3/5
6 bids - Price: $89.99 - Watchers: 22
Item # 271606983035
Masahiro Tanaka 2014 Topps Triple Threads Rookie RC Sapphire #/3 Yankees!
28 bids - Price: $255.00 - Watchers: 20
Item # 231333131475
13 bids - Price: $22.49 - Watchers: 19
Item # 321523523733
2014 Topps Triple Threads Masahiro Tanaka 1/1 triple jumbo jersey Yankees
17 bids - Price: $102.50 - Watchers: 19
Item # 371144491878
Masahiro Tanaka 2014 Triple Threads Triple GJ Patch 23/27 Yankees L@@K
12 bids - Price: $51.00 - Watchers: 18
Item # 351170974445
2014 Masahiro Tanaka Topps Triple Threads Sapphire Jersey/Patch RC 3/3
15 bids - Price: $105.55 - Watchers: 18
Item # 131298104493
2014 Triple Threads MASAHIRO TANAKA Emerald 6x 2 Color JERSEY PATCH 11/18
8 bids - Price: $8.00 - Watchers: 17
Item # 121437941283
7 bids - Price: $19.50 - Watchers: 15
Item # 151413062307
2014 Topps Finest Baseball Masahiro Tanaka Finest Warriors Gold Die Cut 01/25 RC
7 bids - Price: $8.50 - Watchers: 12
Item # 161422458530
Masahiro Tanaka 2014 T Triple Threads 8-Jersey Swatches Rookie /18
1 bids - Price: $34.99 - Watchers: 12
Item # 291243320222
Masahiro Tanaka 2014 Triple Threads Baseball SP Rookie Card 6x GW JERSEYS! #/27
5 bids - Price: $14.49 - Watchers: 11
Item # 131298084237
2009 Bowman Chrome Xfractor WBC Prospects Masahiro Tanaka Rookie RC /250 PSA 10
4 bids - Price: $8.50 - Watchers: 11
Item # 381001189587
(10) 2014 Bowman Masahiro Tanaka Rookie RC #88 BGS 9.5 GEM MINT 10 CARD LOT
5 bids - Price: $15.50 - Watchers: 10
Item # 141407462918
8 bids - Price: $5.50 - Watchers: 10
Item # 351172594204
2014 Topps Triple Threads Masahiro Tanaka RC Amber Base Parallel #ed 122/125
1 bids - Price: $0.99 - Watchers: 9
Item # 321523110917
2014 Triple Threads MASAHIRO TANAKA Emerald 5x 2 Color JERSEY PATCH 18/18~1/1
4 bids - Price: $24.19 - Watchers: 9
Item # 141411318813
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