Taking Classic Sports Photos High Tech

21st century printing technology is putting some action into still photos.

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If your only exposure to 3-D sports items has been through the 1970s Kellogg’s cards, you might be pleased to know that the little ridges are now officially a thing of the past.

Sports Image International has launched a new line of three-dimensional sports lenticular images featuring licensed 8×10 images from Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League.

Lenticular printing combines two photos with a lenticular lens adding the depth, movement and dimension, while creating a smooth transition from one to the other when viewed from different angles — producing what the company calls "a one-of-a-kind viewing experience."

"What makes our products so appealing is that we use well-known, classic sports photos that fans have come to recognize, then pair them with the lenticular process creating an exceptional 3D sports collectible," said Marc Arnberg, co-founder of SII. "We realized that the sports collector has been looking for something new and exciting and we are confident these images will make a big splash in the marketplace."

SII, a new entity of the Meisner Gallery, located in Farmingdale, NY, has partnered with National Graphics, an industry leader in lenticular printing, renowned for its attention to detail and the important patents it holds in the field. National Graphics is the creative force behind such projects as Rolling Stone magazine’s 1000th Issue cover.

"Because of the process we use, even the older images like Yankee Stadium, become of higher quality than the original," Arnberg told Sports Collectors Daily.

"When we did our market research, we took one of the samples to a shopping mall and got an incredible response. Virtually everyone stopped, which is really unusual, and they all asked where they could buy one. When we asked who they’d buy one for, the second most popular answer was ‘myself’. It’s just something no one has ever seen before. There was a real ‘wow factor’ with this. "

"We came upon the idea of tying together sports images and the unique lenticular printing method when we were testing out the process to be used in fine art," added Mitch Meiser, co-founder of SII. "It was an ‘ah-hah’ moment when we concluded that we could use this process to create high-definition images of classic and memorable sports moments."

SII is working directly with the leagues, players and professionals at Getty Images and other photo archives to offer a range of sports images. The company expects to announce licensing agreements with other major sports leagues and players in the coming months.

Framed images are available for $70 and unframed for $35, plus shipping and handling.

Sports Image International currently offers ten images including:

— Yankee Stadium – Then and Now

— Wrigley Field – Early 1900s interior and exteriors images of the stadium

— Wrigley Field – Images of a day game and a night game

— Tiger Stadium – Two classic interior and exterior images

— Shea Stadium – The Beginning

— Mets – Championship Celebrations

— Cal Ripken Jr.

— Mike Schmidt

— Carlton Fisk

— Brooks Robinson

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