Take Time to Produce Quality eBay Listings

 Sometimes quality is better than quantity when selling your stuff.

by Stephen Campbell

If you’re listing items for sale on eBay and not getting as much of a response as you had hoped for, you might try these techniques to make your listing more effective:

1.Use bold print. Rewrite your listing and use bold print for the keywords in it. Notice how in the preceding sentence your eyes just naturally see the words in bold print first?

2.Make use of the listing designer section in the sell your item form. There are many templates that you can use as well as a variety of fonts and colors that can help to make your item stand out from the crowd.

3.Use the gallery option and pay the small fee to have a picture placed beside your advertisement. A picture really is worth a thousand words.

4. If your item is a higher end piece, make use of the Featured Items option. By having your item featured you can attract many more potential bidders or buyers. The featured items feature means that your item will appear at the top of the page; being first is a good thing when it comes to selling anything.

5.Be certain that you have used the best and most effective keywords available for the item that you are offering for sale or auction. Some key words are much more effective than others. Think: if you were searching for an item, what words would you search for?

6.List your item in more than one category. Many items can be classified in more than one way and you may be missing many potential buyers or bidders by having your item listed in only one category.

If you are really serious about becoming a seller maybe even a PowerSeller on eBay you are going to need to invest a few dollars into some tools that will make it possible to achieve your goals.

These tools will not give you an unconditional guarantee of becoming a successful seller on eBay but not having them will give you a better than average chance for failure. Pictures are vitally important. You need a camera– and not just any old camera. You need a digital camera. This digital camera does not have to be the most expensive on the market. A camera with 2.5 megapixels will be adequate. It does need to have a zoom feature a macro setting and the ability to adjust white balance so that you can take good and clear close up shots of the items you have for sale. You will also need a tripod, you may have hands that are steady enough to perform brain surgery but the slightest movement of the camera will result in a blurred photograph.

Scanners, of course, are vital too. A good scanner can pay for itself quickly if bidders see clear, crisp, sharp images of your item.

Additionally, you will need a digital postal scale. This item can save you lots of time, effort and energy when you must mail items that you have sold to your customers.

It is best that you have your own website that is in addition to, but separate from your eBay pages. You can find the tools online that will help you to build your website or you can have someone build it for you. It’s often easy and inexpensive. If nothing else, make use of the "My World" section on eBay. It’s free and offers the opportunity for blogging which can set you apart from the crowd as a knowledgeable seller, committed to a successful transaction. You can link to anything inside your blog, be it background information on a card set or piece of memorabilia. Search engines LOVE eBay and if you’re providing content, you’ll be found much more often than someone who’s simply listing items.

Stephen Campbell is a Business Consultant, Internet Marketer & Entrepreneur.