2010 Bowman Baseball Review

Our box buster eagerly rips open what’s shaping up to be the year’s hottest baseball card product.

Upper Deck Releases MLS Card Set

Upper Deck is counting on a World Cup bounce to help push sales of its newest product.

Did Fan Snare 1st Ball From Old Met Stadium?

It’s a game-used baseball any auction would love to have…but how do you prove it?

Blog: Upper Deck: When it Rains, it Pours

The last 4 1/2 months haven’t been kind to Upper Deck.

The Tax Man Cometh; Are You Ready?

If you’re a player–even a small one–it’s best to have a handle on tax laws or know someone who does.

Vintage Sports Cards Focus of Ohio Show

Next month’s 3-day sports card show near Cleveland will focus on the vintage angle.

Kobe Breaks Down Basketball Card Boxes

Kobe rips some packs with the company that’s paying him to appear on the front.

Topps Releases Sterling 09 Cut Signature List

Topps is putting the wraps on the 2009 baseball card year with a post-season release of its Sterling issue, one that includes a healthy list of cut signatures.

’06 Tigers pushing vintage Tigers’ stuff

It's a bad year to be a buyer of nice, old Tigers' memorabilia. Detroit-area  dealers are seeing a resurgence in vintage Tigers' stuff.  They say this year's team is bringing back the pinstripe pride…and driving up prices.