Lou Gehrig Day Signed Photo Brings $108,169

A remarkable–and perhaps unique– autographed copy of the famous Lou Gehrig Day farewell speech has changed hands at auction.

Teacher Gives Up Signed Yankee Items to Help Student

She was once a sixth grader in his class–an at risk student in a rough school. Now, thanks to his willingness to part with some prize autographs, she’s on her way toward medical school.

Autographed Ball a Lifelong Keepsake

An 88-year-old Florida man’s brushes with greatness date back to the Babe.

Mantle Family Claims Most of Mick’s Autographs Fake

Mickey Mantle memorabilia and cards are still the gold standard for post-War era collectors…but that also means those items are an inviting target for crooks.

Yankee Autograph Session Draws Crowd

ARod headlined a special Yankees autograph session just a couple of weeks after their 27th World Series title.

Yankee Memorabilia Biz in High Gear

The tickertape parade is over. The rings will soon be ordered. All that’s left is to sell some stuff.

More Yankee, Yogi Memorabilia After Renovation

Collectors love his autograph–and fans just love Yogi. Now, the Berra Museum and Learning Center is getting a multi-million dollar face lift.

Ruth, Gehrig, Huggins ball misses reserve

A rare autographed baseball from the 1920s Yankee dynasty was on the block this week and drawing a lot of interest. When the eBay clock struck zero this three signature ball was at over $38,000– not enough to meet the reserve price.